A New Standard in the "Old North"

Tel Aviv's "Old North" (or HaTzfon HaYashan) is the jewel in the crown of the First Hebrew City. This area was designed as a garden city with a grid street layout, which provides the surroundings with an inviting and elegant presence. The urban fabric and the population makeup have turned the "Old North" into one of Tel Aviv's most sought-after neighborhoods with a vibrant urban setting yet a peaceful and green atmosphere.


The Project


Yehuda HaMaccabi 31

The "Yehuda HaMaccabi 31" project sets a new standard for the "Old North". It is a boutique project incorporating a unique and modern approach in the heart of Old North's classic street.

The project is backed by two Real Estate companies – "Mishorim Development Group Ltd", a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, with an international portfolio; and "Lamir Real Estate Group Ltd" an established company specializing in residential construction in Tel Aviv.

The project integrates a boutique and high-quality residential building with elaborate and high-standard specifications. "Yehida HaMaccabi 31" will provide you with a blend of innovativeness mixed with a high-quality living experience in Tel Aviv's most beloved district.

The project consists of a total of 12 luxurious residential units: a garden apartment, 2 bedroom apartments and a mini-penthouse starting at 2,920,000 NIS.


The Target Audience

The "Yehuda HaMaccabi 31" project is being built for an audience looking for an authentic living experience combining innovation and luxury. The project is suitable for a young audience wishing to enjoy both a luxurious building and the superior residential setting offered by the "Old North". It is also the right fit for the mature public wishing to return to their Tel Avivian roots and enjoy a high-standard of living.

The Building

The building embodies a combination of character and innovation integrated into a luxurious boutique residence.

The building in comprised of 6 residential floors: a garden apartment with a private 100 sq. meter backyard; 5 floors, each with 2 apartments; and a penthouse spread across the entire top floor. The building also includes a stylish lobby, high-quality Belgian windows, a smart power system, an individual underground parking for each apartment, high ceilings, and countless meticulously executed design elements.

Each resident will be accompanied by a professional home-stylist throughout the interior design process, from conceptualization to implementation.


Our Standards


Home-styling for each resident

professional and personalized interior design guidance.


Highly elaborate technical specs

prestigious and pampering living experience combined with innovative elements.


2 apartments per floor

privacy and tranquility situated within Tel Aviv's classic urban setting.


Underground Parking

Peace of mind curtesy of your own private underground parking space.


3 meter high ceilings

luxury, spaciousness and classic design, all expressed within a single living space.


Financial Assurances

Bank guarantees for each customer, in accordance with Israeli Law.


The Location


Location Location Location

Yehuda HaMaccabi is the Old North's classic street. The Old North is unique in its structures and urban planning. Yehuda HaMaccabi 31 project is located in Tel Aviv's most authentic residential environment, an ultimate fusion of serenity and accessibility – on the one hand it is characterized by an abundance of green pastoral space; and on the other, located within walking distance from Tel Aviv's classic attractions.

This unparalleled project provides you with an opportunity to acquire a newly built apartment in a neighborhood which is completely devoid of any new construction. Therefore, this is a once-in-a-lifetime possibility to own a newly built property on a well-established and well-developed street.

The building is located within walking distance from the Yarkon Stream, as well as from Milano and HaMedina Squares, close to Metzitzim Beach and a heartbeat away from Ayalon Highway.

As The Crow Flies




"Mishorim Development Group Ltd" & "Lamir Real Estate Group Ltd"

In order to realize this project two of the leading real estate development companied have joined hands. The purpose of this cooperation is to allow you to enjoy their combined benefits, reputation, experience and financial resilience.

"Mishorim Development Group Ltd" has been involved for years in development of real estate, including for residential and commercial use, as well as hotels, resorts and tourist assets. The company operates simultaneously in Israel, Canada, and the US.

"Lamir Real Estate Group Ltd" is one of Israel's leading and veteran companies in the field of real estate development. The company emphasizes the fusion of its experience and seniority with innovation and inventiveness.

The financial resilience and highest standards of finish of this project are a source of pride for the companies.


The Group recognizes the gravity that lies in the decision to purchase an apartment. This is the reason the company's representatives support customers throughout the acquisition process, while maintaining close and personal relations all the way until the buyer holds the keys to their new apartment. The high-quality and professionalism of the team transforms our projects into a brilliant success story every time. The agents and experts the company engages with are top-notch in their fields.


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